Bibibop - Reynoldsburg - Columbus, Ohio

Bibibop – Reynoldsburg – Columbus, Ohio

Recently I went on my first trip to our home office in Columbus, OH. Luis goes there quite often for meetings, but I never have really had a reason to, until we started to have to make all of our designs color compliant for color blind people. So I went with my boss to the L Brands corporate office in Reynoldsburg, Ohio for some Deque training.

L Brands Corporate HQ entrance
L Brands Corporate HQ entrance

I thought it was going to be really cool to take our small private plane, and overall it was.  You got to get lots of snacks from the snack closet, no check in and no TSA, etc.  But the flight was super bumpy and the landing was a little scary haha.  So I spent most of the day nauseous, unfortunately, but I was still hungry!

Victoria's Secret/ L Brands private shuttle to Ohio
Victoria’s Secret/ L Brands private shuttle to Ohio

Since Luis was familiar with the area my coworkers and I took his suggestion and we all tried out Bibibop.  Zuri, who is Korean, kept being frustrated because the dish is called Bibimbap, not Bibibop haha. But I think they called it that to give it a little twist. Bibibop rolls off the American tongue more easily I suppose, and it’s better than just calling the place the name of what they serve.  Like a pizza restaurant being called Pizza or a bagel store being called Bagel?  I don’t know, I am just speculating! Bibimbap is pretty much rice, a protein, a bunch of veggies, sauces and most of the time topped with an egg. It is a typical Korean dish, and it is typically delicious.

Bibibop is another fast casual assembly line style restaurant, similar to Indikitch, which I wrote about recently.  They are focused on fast, delicious and healthy food. You start at the beginning by choosing whether you want a rice bowl, a salad bowl or a wrap.  I got the salad bowl and they still offer to top it with rice if you’d like.  I opted not to since I was trying to be slightly healthy. Next you choose your base – black beans, sprouts or potatoes. Again, you can get all 3 if you wanted, I got black beans though. Next you choose your protein out of chicken, spicy chicken, steak or organic tofu.  I got the steak and it was very flavorful. Then you top it with your choice of vegetables and sauces.  I got shredded carrot, egg, some more lettuce, corn and cheese and topped it all off with the Korean red sauce.  I loved it.  I also got every sauce on the side to try too.  The Yum yum sauce was especially delicious as well. Everything was fresh, delicious and so inexpensive! Granted this was my first time eating in Ohio, so I can’t really speak to the prices there, but $7 for lunch?!  I wish I could get this meal in midtown NYC for this price!  I also got a side of pineapple for dessert, which based on the fridge in the back stocked with pineapples, I assume they cut fresh there.

Bibibop - Reynoldsburg - Columbus, Ohio
Bibibop – Reynoldsburg – Columbus, Ohio

Currently Bibibop only has locations in Columbus, Ohio, but I do hope they expand to New York and New Jersey sometime in the future, because I sure miss it already! If you live in that area or ever travel there definitely give it a try. For more information on them and location information visit their website at

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  1. Want you to know I am having a veritable feast with PUMPKIN: breakfast lunch and dinner too — would like to share with you and Luis! Lots to cut up yet and peel — that is the most tedious time-consuming chore but consider it a labor of love!

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