Le’Express – NYC – Lyonnaise bouchon (french)

Last night I met my friend, Amber Vittoria, for dinner a Le’Express. It is a really cute restaurant on Park ave south and 19th street. It is a Lyonnaise bouchon, which to me is a fancy way of saying a restaurant that fuses northern and southern French food.

It was a beautiful day out so the fact that they have French doors along the whole outside was really nice. We were seated immediately and were happy to be sat right by a set of open doors to to the outside. It is a really cute neighbor hood with lots of people walking by with dogs ❤

I ordered an elderflower cocktail, which was champagne, St. Germain and topped with pear vodka and an edible flower. It was tasty, and strong!

I was really excited when Amber said she wanted to go here because they have mussels on the menu, but I was pretty disappointed by them. They weren’t very good. I tried adding salt, but it wasn’t working. I then asked for lemon from the waiter, but he obviously forgot immediately because he never came back with it or even mentioned forgetting. I do not like to be pestered at a restaurant, but I think if someone asks you how you like your food they should actually be paying attention. The fries and the dip they came with were very good, and amber really likes the croque monsieur that she’s gotten there a few times already, so that was a plus J

Le’Express – NYC - Lyonnaise bouchon (french) - mussels, croque monsieur, fries, elderflower cocktail
Le’Express – NYC – Lyonnaise bouchon (french) – mussels, croque monsieur, fries, elderflower cocktail

For dessert I tried a special they had which was a rhubarb pie. It was good, but I think the waiters need to be better educated on what they are talking about, because I asked if it came served warm, and he immediately said no, but then it came warm. I asked because I know that most places in order to server pie warm the microwave it, and I’m not interested in that at all. It was still good non-the-less, a little skimpy on the a la mode though haha

One last comment is, please do something about the bathroom. It stinkssssss. Like a port-a-potty/cesspool.

There were items on the menu that did sound very good, but not sure if I would go back after my first experience, especially since I LOVE mussels. Decide for yourself and check the menu on their website – http://www.lexpressnyc.com/home.aspx

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