Wondee Siam II – Hell’s kitchen – Midtown – NYC

I LOVE Thai food. So when a coworker of mine, Callie Kant, suggested Wondee Siam II to me, I had to check it out for myself. I was pleasantly surprised, and happy to know there was good Thai food so close to my office.  My father loves it too, haha. Any time he comes in to the city to meet me for dinner after work he begs to go there, because he loves the half chicken meal – Gai Yang, which is grilled half chicken marinated with Thai herbs, served with papaya salad, sticky rice and sweet chili sauce on the side.

The restaurant is located on the more northern end of Hell’s Kitchen at 813 9th ave between 53rd and 54th on the West side of the street. They have a great lunch special here with a number of offerings for $8.95 – available M-F 11AM – 3PM.

My go to items here are the Basil Rolls and the Yum Ped Yang.

The basil rolls are made with fresh Thai basil, mint, lettuce, steamed shrimp and rice noodles. They are rolled in fresh spring roll skin and served with a tamarind sauce topped with ground peanuts.

I am not usually a fan of sweet things, like fruit, with my meat, but this Yum Ped Yang is definitely an exception. It is crispy boneless duck tossed with cashews, fresh apple, pineapple, red onions, chili and limejuice.  The duck is so crispy and delicious. I inhale this salad.

Wondee Siam II - Hell's kitchen - Midtown - NYC  - Yum Ped Yang
Wondee Siam II – Hell’s kitchen – Midtown – NYC – Yum Ped Yang

Not pictured is a meal my friend got last time we were there, which was the fried whole snapper. I really recommend it if you like fish.

For dessert, their fried ice cream is a good time. Sorry to ruin the surprise for you but they bring it to the table flambé style. So much fun, and delicious, obvi.  It is topped with raspberry sauce and a touch of Bacardi rum, FTW of course.

Wondee Siam II - Hell's kitchen - Midtown - NYC  - fried ice cream
Wondee Siam II – Hell’s kitchen – Midtown – NYC – fried ice cream

Oh, and their Thai iced coffee is very good, I’ve had better Thai iced tea though. It isn’t quite as concentrated as I like it.

Order online at http://www.wondeesiam2.com or call them at (917) 286-1726.

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